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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

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  1. Thorsten says:

    hallo bour, we meet us yesterday in charoen pattana 2,and u told me about your new business website.i attended u website, good design and a lot of links,infos too. Congratulations for your website!

  2. Nigel Taylor says:

    Just a note for those who need a taxi. Many to choose from but if you want reliability, a fair price and someone who cares about you and not the money. Bours taxi service is the best. She has looked after me, the wife and many of our friends. She goes out of her way to provide a great service. Bour is also the place to go if you need advice during your stay, a wealth of knowledge and someone who will make sure you do not get ripped off. Hire your scooters here to as this is a safe place to do it from. Watch out for the rip off hire shops.

    WE and all our friends recommend Bours Taxi’s as the best in Hua Hin

    Nigel Taylor
    Traxx Coachlines

  3. Helena de Vreese says:

    Me and my family have used the Hua Hin Taxi service of Bour in 2011 and 2012 and both times we were very satisfied. The taxidrivers were very reliable, were on time, send SMS about were they were standig on the airport, drove safely, had new taxicars. And Bour organised everything very pleasantly throug the internet (our landing was changed from airport and delayed several times). And the prices are very reasonable!
    So I also recommend Bours Taxi’s as the best in Hua HIn.

  4. Sabrina says:

    Great Service! Everything worked out very good and the driver very friendly. We arrived 2 hours earlier than expected but he was already there. Helpled us with everything.
    I would recmommend your Service to everyone!

  5. Emilie P. says:


    My boyfriend and I made the journey from Bangkok DonMueng airport to Hua Hin and back to Bangkok big airport. Very good service. Good place in the car.
    I recommend their services if you need a serious company that will not forget you.
    thank you again for contributing to a safe journey.

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