Let’s enjoy the Best Memories 2010 activity with Tourism Authority of Thailand

Friday, December 17, 2010

   Best Memories 2010 is one of the countdown activities of Amazing Countdown 2011 by Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). This activity is named “My Memory on My Scrapsheet” which encourage the competitors to make their own scrapsheets under the topic “Best Memory 2010”. This activity is held from December the 1st, 2010 to January the 27th, 2011. People who interested in joining this fun event can present your scrapsheet which is decided by yourself. You can use various materials such as pictures, colored papers, stickers, ribbons, diamond chip or computer program. The applicant should submit the scrapsheet on December the 20th, 2010 before midnight via http://www.amazingcountdown.com/memory_form.php
          The scoring will be divided into 2 parts which are combined to 100 percents. The first part is from the general vote which is 30 percents and the other part is from the board of Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is 70 percents. There are 3 rounds for this competition. The winner will be received an iPad Wi-Fi 16GB which is priced 23,900 baht while the first and the second runner-up will be received Blackberry Bold 9700 which cost 16,800 baht.
          Please come to visit us for more information at http://www.amazingcountdown.com/memory_form.php

          For other information, please contact
          Ms.Sareerat Totantikul
          Tel: +66-2-714-7285
          Email: [email protected]
          Source By: www.thaipr.net

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