Weight Loss Made Easy By Chiva-Som, Hua Hin Thailand

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Effective and permanent weight loss is for many people the Holy Grail of well-being, because they perceive it as so difficult to achieve. But now at Chiva-Som, internationally renowned therapist Paul Emery can teach you how to re-programme your mind for long-term success to a thinner you.

Paul’s Weight Loss Made Easy involves Four Simple Steps and has a success rate of over 70%. Many people struggle with the very notion of reduced eating, but when talking about the benefits of his method, the first thing Paul states is: “It’s not a diet!”

“Importantly, the system is easy to follow,” he continues. “Which means implementing permanent results is far more achievable. I teach you how to quickly eliminate or reduce stress and emotional eating and how to banish food cravings. And I reveal the truth about weighing yourself; your metabolism; and exercise.”

Paul is known worldwide for helping thousands of people from all walks of life, including doctors and royalty. Even movie stars – whose high profile profession demands they look at their best at all times – come to Paul for help.

He has starred on Australia’s Celebrity Overhaul TV series and featured in the best-selling book Ultimate Spa – Asia’s Best Spas and Spa Treatments.

To instigate Paul’s Weight Loss Made Easy couldn’t be simpler. It merely involves an initial consultation of 45 minutes, plus a follow-up consultation of 30 minutes. “I will remove self-sabotaging behaviour,” says Paul. “Afterwards, you will be motivated to exercise – it’s not all about going to the gym! – and you’ll be more in control around food, which relieves anxiety and tension. Most importantly, you will raise your self-esteem and confidence, and feel better about yourself. Which, after all, is what we all want.

Chiva-Som is a luxury health resort, combining international standards with Thai hospitality to deliver personal wellness programmes in a non regimented way. Everything we do focuses on a holistic approach to health that incorporates mind, body and spirit.

Chiva-Som provides the support to guide everyone on a path to greater health and vitality.

Please contact Health and Wellness reception to book an appointment with Paul by E-mail: [email protected] Phone: +66 0 32536536 Fax: +66 0 32511154 or visit our website: www.chivasom.com.

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