Travel The Best Holiday Destinations At India And Thailand

Sunday, March 14, 2010

India is a Huge Country. Complementing its size are the multihued religions, languages & cultures. A pictogram of unity in diversity is what this Place stands for. You have a variety of holiday destinations to choose from whilst visiting this incredible place.  Every region of India has a beauty of its own, be it the Sizzling South that embraces exotic places like Kerala, Otakamund, Pondicherry  & kanyakumri to name a few or be it the wonderful west that includes the land of palaces and  warrior tribes. It’s a world on a platter kind of experience because you have so much to do and visit and the time is so less. The lustrous snow mountains and the crystal clear waters of Himachal Pradesh will spell bound you totally. Even the states of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh bestow matchless treasures from their affluent bequest.  A balanced mix of urban and rural culture, India offers and assortment of activities and travel destinations to give you the most memorable getaway.

Another truly exotic location is Thailand. Undoubtedly one of the best locations in the world to visit, is the land of white elephants. Who can ever forget the world famous Thai Cuisine! Loaded with Beaches and & incredible islands, Thailand is a travelers paradise. This does not mean that its is hard on your pockets, a budget holiday can be surely planned. If you are planning to spend some Lazy Lamhe (times)  your bang on with Thailand. Sunny Days & Beautiful Babes – a heavenly experience guaranteed here. Bangkok is a place with hustle bustle and very lively. Attractions include beautiful temples, museums & yes one of the largest reclining Buddha’s to see. Shop-o-holics are surely going to freak out in Bangkok. Phuket is the ultimate place according to me, I am sure that anyone on this earth having visited Thailand would rave about this place the most. Phuket is around 900 km from Bangkok and has a bunch of islands, but the best of them is Patong Beach – a place where life starts at 8 pm. Many other sort after destinations are Pattaya, Ko Samui, Ko Samet, Hua Hin & Ko Chang. Thailand Travel is the most preferred choice as far as experience at a budget cost is concerned.

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  1. Rob says:

    Thailand is the Perfect destination, and some of the hotels is has to offer compete with some of the world class hotels. The service cannot be beaten in Thailand. The friendliness of Thai people and constant smiling makes any stay a truly unforgettable experience. As for the beaches well they have to some of the best in the world. Check out this site here you will find more information about Thailand. The Islands of Phuket and Koh Samui are excellent places to visit. When you plan to visit will depend on which place you should go to, from a weather point of view. For example the rainy season in Koh Samui is during the months of September to December. However in Phuket the rainy season is from April to October. The remaining months in both resorts are usually dry and hot sunny weather.

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