Visit to Hua Hin, Thailand

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This short movie presents a few of the places I visited during my stay in Hua Hin in february 2008. The film starts with a Tuk-Tuk transport from Hua Hin railway station to downtown. After that a visit to the food market, that continues with a visit to Hua Hin beach. After a visit to the nightmarket, the following day contains a Tuk-Tuk trip to Hua Hin airport and a flight with a small plane to Bangkok airport. The song you can hear is from Vietnam, sung in vietnamese language

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  1. deanevo800 says:

    There is fucking nothing you say.
    I think you mean there is nothing to fuck, compared to Phuket.
    Come on man, Phuket is nice but just too crowded including gogo bars.
    Nothing for people who want to have quiet relaxing vacation.

  2. OscarDanDan76 says:

    I did’nt think Hua Hin was that expensive, I thought the opposite. The monkey mountain was brilliant!

  3. qwer8907 says:

    visited hua hin last june the sea was full of jellyfish and black with there spawn could not swim on beach also it is very expensive for tourists on the plus side we visited the temple with all the monkeys and also there is a lovely catholic church st therseas next to the school i am lucky that my wife is thai and was not ripped off by the locals i think maybe it be a nice place for families to visit with young children seemed safe

  4. Stormtrooper4648 says:

    Kein Problem, ich finde es einfach toll das du eigentlich die wichtigsten Ecken Hua Hins mal zeigst, so können welche die noch nie dort waren sich mal ausmalen was das für ein Paradies ist, weiter so! 5/5 Sternen!

  5. Musicex54 says:

    Vielen dank !

  6. Stormtrooper4648 says:

    Ich war erst vor 2 Tagen dort, bin wieder hier in Deutschland, einer von euch kennt doch bestimmt das Naresdamri oder? Ich und meine Eltern waren jetzt auch schon das 3 mal in Hua Hin, im hilton, und naja, jetzt bin ich mit der Bedienung die ich damals noch nicht mal kannte aus dem Restaurant zusammen^^, tolles Video!

  7. MrSportsFanatic1 says:

    Um yes I been to Thailand 3 times and returning in the winter, I thought Hua Hin was actually very nice.

  8. ekiezama says:

    go to puket is a million times better believe me hua hin is very boring there is nothing there the sea is really dirty listen to me i know thailand very well

  9. ekiezama says:

    beautiful beach??? ah ah ah is 1 of the most dirty place in thailand , i can say u don t know thailand very well , hua hin cha am is famous for the family and for old people go in there because there is fucking nothing ah ah ah

  10. MrSportsFanatic1 says:

    I liked Hua Hin, I was there in December. Beautiful beach

  11. Musicex54 says:

    So you also made a cooking class at Nathalie’s house ? I stayed at City Beach hotel. Use to visit Hua Hin twice every year on my way to my house in Thailand

  12. ekiditko says:

    let me guess, you stayed in the sofitel und made a cooking class at Nathalie’s house ? How funny…

  13. thaiboypsp3000 says:

    Stop at 1:49 on the right,red roof that my old school.

  14. viking7900 says:

    Nice place! I have been there in march 09…

  15. Pattaya1954 says:

    Ich war vor vor 25 Jahren zum letztenmal da. War wunderschön. Ist inzwischen etwas größer geworden. Aber auch nicht schlechrt.

  16. lordnimr0d says:

    I’m going to visit Hua Hin in December this year. It’s my third visit. Love the place.

  17. liengkhi says:

    Oh my god…This is funny. Why do they have Vietnamese music background? haha…

  18. Musicex54 says:

    I would say that it is an exciting mixture of old and new, but hardly “poor as hell”

  19. chikifree says:

    i met someones that is from there….
    she sed it was poor as Hell…
    doesnt look that bad

  20. pimmy5 says:

    home sweet home!! i’ve been living there since i was 6 months old!! Anyone need a place to rent, get in touch!! 🙂

  21. elvisghost100 says:

    Never stay at the King’s House. The owner is a fat fucking Belgian who meets you at the train station. Once you are at his place his paranoid unfolds accusing the guests of various transgressions. He is a fat bastard with emphysema, due to his three pack a day habit,which makes him more disgusting. Why am I complaining? The fat Euro-trash is probably dead by now.

  22. Musicex54 says:

    Thanks for your comment. I have travelled from Bangkok to Hua Hin by train. It´s very cheap but quite slow. A nice experience though, as you meet many thai people.

  23. 19bootsy68 says:

    Well done it’s a nice video and you got SGA airlines that small 12 seater one engined cessna plane in it that only flys at a hight of 4,500 feet, I love Hua Hin I’ve been there 5 times and have done the flight 3 times, maybe one day i might travel by train there?.

  24. JonDaLegend says:

    Man this is really beatiful, i been there twice and i love this place. I wanna move there some day…

  25. Musicex54 says:

    I have now made that comment in the upper right text

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