Hua Hin, Thailand

Friday, February 26, 2010

Hua Hin market Place, Petchakasem Rd, City Beach Hotel, Buddhist temple, Hagi Japanese restaurant, Hua Hin Beach, Sofitel Central Resort, Hilton Resort and sangthai Seafood restaurant

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  1. OscarDanDan76 says:

    Elvis, LOL!!

  2. Nrgpack says:

    Love the Video…But who’s playing this music !!!!

  3. OscarDanDan76 says:

    Thanks for the video. I was in Hua Hin for my first time in September. Loved the place once I got settled.

  4. robbe81 says:

    i was in hua hin in 18 days..we lived in the hotel sofitel ***** was nice and clean and it had a nice pool and garden..:)

  5. abcernusa says:

    i have just come back from hua hin ita an amazing place and i loved it there and will go there again soon.
    i stayed at a place called kings home
    and it was home from home.

  6. hellooben says:

    i’m going there in like, lets see… 15 hours 🙂

  7. pasirrisstreet51 says:

    Hua Hin, Thailand has a very impress1ve beach for tourist attraction. SJI/1963 Sec 4 Jason Yap Hoe Jian captured this video clip …..
    Thank you for posting this.

  8. roshansunam says:

    welcome to huahin

  9. dkjohnt says:

    remember the good times when Rockestra was situated in Hua Hin. Now the city is to crowded with tourist. Not at all the same anymore.

  10. randycornhole says:

    I lived in Hua Hin for about 4 years and have recently moved up north because its just a bit too touristy for me now. It used to be nice and quite, but your video shows just how built up it has become…shame.

  11. SeanBreen says:

    Thank you for this video , Hua Hin , is a great town ,,,, thank you for posting this ,,

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